Sunday, August 23, 2009

DANCEOFF with Rachel!!!!

Well Rachel was a nice sister and decided to go with me to Blockbuster so we could grab a movie to watch, but little did we know that it would start out a CRAZY night of clubbing in Dad's office....It started with positioning ourselves in the right spot for our dance off that was about to occur....I decided to teach her a few moves and of course my favorite is the robot......She started to get really into it as you can see by her just being a big blur in the picture.....and then we got really into and the serious faces begin....Then it was freestyle time......I think we created a few different moves that have never been seen before.......................
after a bit Rachel took her defeat and decided to exit the dance floor..............and what a better way to end a dance off with a little Watermelon. Until NEXT TIME RACHEL!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My First Home......

Well everyone knows that I recently moved back home and it really hasnt been as bad as I thought it would be because Mom and Dad are pretty good roommates. I dont know if I am the best roommate to them or if I am the best at following all of their LOVELY rules but it isnt that bad. So the reason I moved back home is because I didnt want to sign another lease at my apartment complex knowing I wanted to get into a house. The day has finally come where I found my house and got an accepted offer. Hopefully I will be in my house by late August or early September. So here is a pretty bad picture of my first home! Its 1580 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage out back and the walk in closet in the master is almost the size of one of the other rooms. Well anyway....just wanted to let everyone know that I might be a home owner soon so I guess I can go look at time shares the next time we go to Hawaii. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Backyard Baseball and Victoria......

Well a few weekends ago was Adams birthday and we had a family BBQ. This time I actually brought a girl home to the family which is something I dont EVER do. This girl is a little different and I think she is gonna be around for a while. I gotta thank Amy for introducing us though because I wouldnt have met her if it wasnt for her. Ill get back to her in a bit, but of course we had a blast out in the backyard playing some random sport like we always do. This time we decided on Baseball!! Adam counted everyone off by giving numbers 1 and 2 but for some reason he ended up with all the little kids on his team and all the old timers on my team. I wasnt able to get a picture of everyone but here are a few of the Baseball players that day....
Charlie was our MVP....Taylor had the best batting stance by far....Mason was crowding the plate to intimidate the pitcher....David struck out on this at bat but we let him keep swinging since we felt so bad for him....Dad hit this one into the Ficklins yard.....Bradley was showing off his guns he's been working out on....and Victoria did ok but at least we always knew where she was with her hot pink shirt.....Mom and her were sharing fashion ideas after the at bat. So back to Victoria. She is one of the awesome girls Ive ever met and I am hoping she doesnt get sick of me and wants to stay around for a while. We are trying the whole long distance thing right now and it is pretty tough but Im hoping she'll be able to move back up here in a few months if it all works out. THanks again Amy!! This is Robby, Jerry, Victoria and I showing off our Robot moves.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pictures Changed...please revisit...Going back to Church with Mom and Dad!!!

(A few pictures have been altered so that I still have a place to live tomorrow)

Well I just moved back home with Mom and Dad as some of you know and it has its perks and one of them for sure if going back to church!!! You know how excited I am about that one. My most favorite is not staying out on Saturday nights and trying to explain to people that I have to be home by midnight.
Here is a picture of me looking stoked driving to church....Even MORE EXCITED!!!! I was trying to make that face that Ginger and Dad did but I dont know how well I did. It was nice going back to the home ward and seeing everyone. Mom and Dad were soo attentive and watching all of sacrament...but then....

Someone started to get a little drowsy.............

....and we've lost him.......and then.....
.......not did just Dad fall asleep but now we have lost both of them!! Until next time at church when I am able to take more exciting pictures of Mom and Dad.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A quick rundown of my life lately.....

Well of course I havent blogged in a while but here it goes to catch up on what I have been up to. A few weeks ago I was able to go down to California to visit Adam and Nora and to see June's baby blessing. I was pretty bad at taking pictures because I just forgot to take them pretty much. This was the start of my journey...good old zzyzxx road. I had a a tough time staying awake as you can see so I did whatever i could to stay up.

After the blessing we all had a little time to eat and hangout which you can tell Adam was stoked about. While Adam and everyone was inside I decided to take Charlie for a little ride. It is so funny how attentive he is to everything. I grabbed the tricycle because I wanted to ride on it and little did I know that Charlie would come running to jump on the back with me. Funny little kid. Also while in California Audrey told me while I was styling my hair for church...."EWWWWW......Michael you need to cut your hair like a good mormon boy". It kind of made me laugh and of course I had to listen to her so when I got back to Vegas....I did exactly that.Look at that Rats tail! The ladies love it so much so that is I kept it....ok it was more of a thing that I couldnt let go of for some reason.
While i was getting my hair done this girl appeared in the mirror behind me and I recognized her and was in shock. This girls name is Mileide and she is from Brazil. She was in one of the areas I was in when I was 20 years old. She moved here to the US and got married to an American missionary about a month and a half ago. She lives in Utah but came down to Vegas found out where i worked and luckily I was at the salon and came to visit. Lets just Portuguese is TERRRIBLE!!!! But it was awesome to see her. Yes I know I have a belly in the picture but soon it will be gone cause I have been going to the gym for about 3 weeks now. Since I live so close to Mom and Dad and am the only Bachelor in the family I get to see them a lot. These 2 pictures were taken while I visited Mom and Dad one night and I just had to share them with you. Ginger also came in to get her hair done and decided that she wanted to mimic Dads face. On my way to work the other day I saw a familiar face crossing the sidewalk at a fast pace. Can you guess who that is....kind of tough to see...None other than MASLOW MIKE!!! I laughed and was driving while taking the picture that is why the quality is so great.

The other night I also did something that I am sure all of you would love but it isnt that graphic so dont worry. I had a few friends come to town and since it was late we decided to get piercings done together. Thats Tiffany and I just about to sign away our lives to the piercing guy.
I had to the rub the little tiki guy for good luck......

....and away we go. The guy who did it had his whole head tattooed which was kind of a little scary to be honest. and the finished product. Tiffany got it done on one side and I got it done on the other. and i figured since I chopped most of my hair off that I needed to fix my hair so it had a little style. Nothing like Blue, Turqoise and an Ace of Spade. Well until next time!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CARL?...could it be?!?!

So about 4 weeks ago I was laying on my couch and watching my DVR'd shows for the night when I heard a very annoying sound. The sound of a cricket which would NOT be quiet! I searched and searched for this guy and I couldnt find him anywhere!!! It got to the point where I honestly felt like I was out in the wilderness sleeping at night with this stupid cricket. I posted a few things about him on Facebook and everyone named him Carl. So finally I decided to take some action and kick Carl out of my apartment with a big can of Raid!!! I moved my fridge and sprayed everywhere....sprayed behind my dishwasher.....was spraying this stuff EVERYWHERE!!!! Finally........silence!!!!
So its been about a week and as I got home tonight I heard a familiar sound ....could it be......yep.......look who I find. CARL!!!!
I am actually thinking of keeping him as a pet......or introducing him to a new friend called le toilette!! Until next time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

be positive.....

Well today I had a client come in and she had some bad news for me. She had lost her job that she had been working at for the past few years. Lately this is all my clients are talking about is the economy and how bad it is and it got me thinking a little about that little plaque that grandpa gave us last Christmas. It talks about our attitude and how pretty much we cant control what happens to us but we need to have a good attitude about everything that comes our way. They are saying the economy is one of the worst we have ever had and in a weird way I think its a good thing for us. The majority of us havent really had anything to crazy hard happen to us in our lives that we couldnt ever get out of easy or with a little help. So here comes this way of living that we dont even know and it is hard for us to adjust. This year is going to be so tough for so many people and if you think about it....this is the year we are going to grow like crazy. We are going to appreciate the things in our lives that we take for granted. I have never really had anything in my lifetime that has been too much of a struggle in this way and now this comes along to make us appreciate how easy we have it.
So what I am trying to say is......try and be positive with all the crap that comes your way as hard as it is. Love you guys