Monday, March 30, 2009

be positive.....

Well today I had a client come in and she had some bad news for me. She had lost her job that she had been working at for the past few years. Lately this is all my clients are talking about is the economy and how bad it is and it got me thinking a little about that little plaque that grandpa gave us last Christmas. It talks about our attitude and how pretty much we cant control what happens to us but we need to have a good attitude about everything that comes our way. They are saying the economy is one of the worst we have ever had and in a weird way I think its a good thing for us. The majority of us havent really had anything to crazy hard happen to us in our lives that we couldnt ever get out of easy or with a little help. So here comes this way of living that we dont even know and it is hard for us to adjust. This year is going to be so tough for so many people and if you think about it....this is the year we are going to grow like crazy. We are going to appreciate the things in our lives that we take for granted. I have never really had anything in my lifetime that has been too much of a struggle in this way and now this comes along to make us appreciate how easy we have it.
So what I am trying to say is......try and be positive with all the crap that comes your way as hard as it is. Love you guys


Amy said...

I love that quote on attitude from gpa Bill. It's so true. I liked what you said about growing, too. What a great opportunity for growth for all of us.

Shelley said...

You go, Mikey! I agree! I don't want to make light of anyone else's suffering, but in retrospect the hardest things I've ever been through are the last experiences I would ever choose to unlive. Like you said, they help us grow, and I think they also push us enough to make us aware of what we really are capable of enduring or accomplishing.

Can't wait for you to come visit us in New Orleans!