Thursday, June 18, 2009

A quick rundown of my life lately.....

Well of course I havent blogged in a while but here it goes to catch up on what I have been up to. A few weeks ago I was able to go down to California to visit Adam and Nora and to see June's baby blessing. I was pretty bad at taking pictures because I just forgot to take them pretty much. This was the start of my journey...good old zzyzxx road. I had a a tough time staying awake as you can see so I did whatever i could to stay up.

After the blessing we all had a little time to eat and hangout which you can tell Adam was stoked about. While Adam and everyone was inside I decided to take Charlie for a little ride. It is so funny how attentive he is to everything. I grabbed the tricycle because I wanted to ride on it and little did I know that Charlie would come running to jump on the back with me. Funny little kid. Also while in California Audrey told me while I was styling my hair for church...."EWWWWW......Michael you need to cut your hair like a good mormon boy". It kind of made me laugh and of course I had to listen to her so when I got back to Vegas....I did exactly that.Look at that Rats tail! The ladies love it so much so that is I kept it....ok it was more of a thing that I couldnt let go of for some reason.
While i was getting my hair done this girl appeared in the mirror behind me and I recognized her and was in shock. This girls name is Mileide and she is from Brazil. She was in one of the areas I was in when I was 20 years old. She moved here to the US and got married to an American missionary about a month and a half ago. She lives in Utah but came down to Vegas found out where i worked and luckily I was at the salon and came to visit. Lets just Portuguese is TERRRIBLE!!!! But it was awesome to see her. Yes I know I have a belly in the picture but soon it will be gone cause I have been going to the gym for about 3 weeks now. Since I live so close to Mom and Dad and am the only Bachelor in the family I get to see them a lot. These 2 pictures were taken while I visited Mom and Dad one night and I just had to share them with you. Ginger also came in to get her hair done and decided that she wanted to mimic Dads face. On my way to work the other day I saw a familiar face crossing the sidewalk at a fast pace. Can you guess who that is....kind of tough to see...None other than MASLOW MIKE!!! I laughed and was driving while taking the picture that is why the quality is so great.

The other night I also did something that I am sure all of you would love but it isnt that graphic so dont worry. I had a few friends come to town and since it was late we decided to get piercings done together. Thats Tiffany and I just about to sign away our lives to the piercing guy.
I had to the rub the little tiki guy for good luck......

....and away we go. The guy who did it had his whole head tattooed which was kind of a little scary to be honest. and the finished product. Tiffany got it done on one side and I got it done on the other. and i figured since I chopped most of my hair off that I needed to fix my hair so it had a little style. Nothing like Blue, Turqoise and an Ace of Spade. Well until next time!!!

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Rachel B. said...

Michael, I've missed you! This post was awesome until the end when I saw your piercing. ;) I seriously had tears in my eyes from laughing at the pictures of mom, dad, & Ginger. And I gasped with joy when I saw the picture of Maslow Mike...even before you said who it was. Keep blogging away, my dear brother.