Friday, August 8, 2008

Hair I have done lately

Here are a few of my clients pictures whose hair I have done lately and a few old pictures as well. This is my new background I am going to be putting up on my myspace here soon.

Houseboat in July with my buddies

Well another Houseboat outing with the boys was fun as always. I think right there I was trying to mess with Jon while he was sticking the waterskiis on, but I obviously had to jump back on so they wouldn't ditch me on the boat.
We searched and searched for a place to cliff jump and finally found this one which was pretty much perfect. I am the one sitting down up top, then Robby, and then Jon climbing up to make the leap.
It looks like I am standing on the rocks but little do you know that I am actually perfecting the pencil jump along side Jonny P
Here is Matt shoving me off of the boat going 70mph...I only broke a few bones but I recovered very quickly.
Well it is kind of a tradition to play cards and then whoever loses has to do a dare and for some reason I always lose but I had to do what they told me which was them picking 1 ingredient each out of the fridge and then mixing it into a cup and heating it up in the microwave. Robby chose a piece of cheese, Matt chose olive juice, and Jon chose caramel syrup. You can tell by my reaction how much I loved it.

Well that was the trip out to the houseboat and I had to cut out a few pictures to protect the innocent but it was fun out there. Ill be posting soon lets hope!