Sunday, November 30, 2008

COOKING w/ MIKE: My own pre Turkey Dinner!

Well I recently got a new cookbook so I can try to eat a little better instead of eating out every meal. I really am not that great of a cook I dont think so I decided to make the easiest thing on the menu....TURKEY BURGERS!!!

Let the preparation begin in my GHETTO kitchen!!! I went and bought and the basic things that I have never had in my kitchen spices, olive oil, parsley(which I had know idea how to cut...thanks Taylor for clearing that up), mixing bowl, a good pan, some new blinds, and a SLAVE MIDGET to help in case I ever got discouraged along the way so he could motivate me.
Mixing the groud meat in my new mixing bowl....I was pretty stoked ha ha Doesnt that look tasty?!Rolling the meat into Turkey patties was the best part. I used to love helping Mom make meatloaf or hamburger patties cause the meat feels sooo cool in your hands!!!Than I threw it on my new pan with my new spatula. I tried to go to Spatula City but I heard they closed down due to the economy. I was pretty excited to be cooking so I had to get all the stuff I would be needing for my next cooking days. Nothing like sitting down in the Lazy Boy with a Turkey Burger and Pringles(yes I know they aren't healthy but who cares) on pre thanksgiving. I was giving the POOR turkey face knowing it was about to get demolished!!The FINAL PRODUCT.....a chubby happy Mike after eating my Turkey Burger. Well this wasnt that exciting of a post but this was one of the highlights of my week....making my own food. Ill try and make them a little more exciting.

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the Koch's said...

I don't know if i'm more impressed with you making the Turkey Burgers or the fact that you are keeping the blog thing going after your promise to do it every week. Love it. it's good to see what your doing and that you're learning a new trade, maybe you should open a burger/hair cutting salon?