Monday, December 15, 2008

LIFE isn't a RACE

Well here we are....another year coming to a close. I think every year it is a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit and we are a little tougher on ourselves each year with things we have or havent done. Every year you try to think of that perfect gift to get for Mom or Dad or your buddy. You try and change the stupid little bad habit you have so that you can get to that point in your life that you want to be. I think this year one thing that I have realized is how important my family is to me and how weak and lost I would be without them. The more people I talk to on a daily basis when I am doing hair I think it makes me appreciate how awesome my family is. I am SOOOOO blessed in so many ways and I think I take it for granted.
My family is awesome and they put up with me even with all the stupid decisions I make in my life. They are always there for me and I know whatever I do they will still love me.....while shaking there head. Even with all of our different personalities and interests I know we were placed together for a reason and we make eachother stronger. We can have fun anytime we get together and make eachother laugh. Whenever we make stupid decisions my family is always there for eachother to lift eachother up and give advice when we dont know what to do with certain choices. I could call anyone of them on any given day and they would be there to listen and talk me through anything....if they answer that is haha

This time of year I also think of what I have done and if I have been successful. I think we all compare ourselves to other people and wonder if we are at the point we should be at in our lives....whether it be in a job, with our family, or in our relationships. Today talking to one of my clients she reminded me of something. Life isnt a race. We have to appreciate what we have done, the things we have accomplished, and control what we can control instead of thinking of what we havent done. We all have gone through a lot to get to where we are and we wont succeed at everything or be the best at everything. There are those things that I have been successful with this year and I am thankful for those whether big or small. I just need to remind myself every now and then and this time of year is perfect for that.

Once again I am thankful for all of you and all you do for me whether you know it or not. I love you guys!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The SEARCH for the PERFECT Christmas Tree!!!

Well lately Christmas around my parents house hasnt really looked like Christmas to be honest. There arent too many decorations up or even a tree for that matter. So my Dad and I decided to go buy a real Christmas tree this year since my Mom is out of town. We had a little help from Julie which made it even more fun......AS YOU CAN SEE OUR EXCITEMENT!!! hahah(Yes randomly that is Mom and Dad's closet where the picture was taken.)Dads favorite part was that we found a SALE!!!
We searched and searched for the perfect tree.......
Julie and searched through thousands and thousands.....different forests.....UNTIL........the PERFECT TREE!!!! ok more like the cheapest we could possibly find....hahahha We strapped it on top of the car.......
and attempted to fit it into the living room which is full of more cottage decor type decorations then I have ever seen in my life. We managed though. The finished product......decorations made possible by Julie and Michael cutting out paper snowflakes, and the lights were the net lights that you just throw on top of the tree...hahaha but the best part!!!!........THE ANGEL!!!!! We pre-ordered this from Yugoslavia and it came just in time for the tree to be put up.......or truthfully I just cut it out of some paper from Dad's office....doesn't the angel look so happy!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maurine...Maurine...Maurine! Shoot me!!!

Well the salon I am working at is an AWESOME place and I love the people I work with and it is usually peaceful as you can see. The girl to my right is rarely ever there and I love her to death, and the girl at the station to my left is my best friend at the salon BUT....its not always so awesome.......There is this lady named Maurine who claims to know everything and she of course has to tell you about it. There is one cool thing about Maurine because she used to know Grandpa Eddie back in the day and actually wanted to work for him, but lets just say she is a little CRAZY!!!

Here is a list of the reasons why I LOVE(sarcasm) Maurine..........
-interrupts while I am talking to clients and doesnt care what you have to say
-she is ALWAYS right
-tries to set me up with every one of her clients that is single.
-likes to tell me how much things cost back in the day.
-she wears the same dress every single day.
-tries to get my clients to date me.
-doesnt book clients...just sits here from 8-5 and waits for clients
-tells me I need to learn perms or I wont make any money
-tells me I need to sit at the salon from 8-5 and wait for people or I wont make money
If you notice in this picture she is talking but doesnt even realize that I am putting a gun to my head wanting to get myself out of the conversation very quickly......she has been there for 30 minutes!!!! Well one day when I open up my own place I wont have a Maurine to bug me.....hahaha Well I hope not anyway. Here is one of my salon ideas that I have. The Ace of Spades Salon......just an idea floating around.

Monday, December 1, 2008

GOLFING 101: 6 Simple Rules

Now I know there are a lot of people who are wanting new hobbies so why not think about picking up golf. Here are a few tips.......


Well after cleaning out my car I realized I had a few sunglasses that are all pretty much ridiculous looking that I have purchased on road trips. So why not wear them all on this perfect day for golf?


We got to the course around 3:30pm meaning we had about an hour and a half or so til we lost the sun to actually see what we were doing...hahah...but that makes it more fun right? We had to wash all the golf balls since we are pros and all. I think we could have mud all over one half of the ball and we would still be terrible. We like to change the par(normal amount of strokes) on each hole to 2 strokes more than what they suggest just so that we seem a little better.


Look at that beautiful swing about to take place. The hole wasnt that far away and you would think I would hit it straight toward the hole but lets just say my ball flew to the right and landed no where near the green. The goofy hat I am wearing is the trophy from this course I won last time we were there (Craig Ranch...aka Ghetto Cheap Course). We buy something from each course we play and whoever wins gets that trophy and has to add it to their bag.


I thought maybe cleaning on the bottom of my shoes would help a little......cause I am awesome like that. Ok I just thought it was funny because nothing we do makes a difference. Rule #5: BE A FRIENDLY DRIVER IN YOUR CART

We only had 2 carts in between 3 people so we had a few battles trying to figure out who should drive as you can tell and I think thats why the picture is lopsided.


Matt and I in our hats or our trophys from different courses. Matts was from Durango Hills where he won last time and mine was from Craig Ranch where I won last time. It sucks that I did terrible and lost my hat and had to give it up to Matt. Oh well....there is always next time.

Now next time you think about going golfing you might think twice about what you are doing and use these 6 important rules. Let me know how they work for ya!! Until next time!