Monday, December 15, 2008

LIFE isn't a RACE

Well here we are....another year coming to a close. I think every year it is a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit and we are a little tougher on ourselves each year with things we have or havent done. Every year you try to think of that perfect gift to get for Mom or Dad or your buddy. You try and change the stupid little bad habit you have so that you can get to that point in your life that you want to be. I think this year one thing that I have realized is how important my family is to me and how weak and lost I would be without them. The more people I talk to on a daily basis when I am doing hair I think it makes me appreciate how awesome my family is. I am SOOOOO blessed in so many ways and I think I take it for granted.
My family is awesome and they put up with me even with all the stupid decisions I make in my life. They are always there for me and I know whatever I do they will still love me.....while shaking there head. Even with all of our different personalities and interests I know we were placed together for a reason and we make eachother stronger. We can have fun anytime we get together and make eachother laugh. Whenever we make stupid decisions my family is always there for eachother to lift eachother up and give advice when we dont know what to do with certain choices. I could call anyone of them on any given day and they would be there to listen and talk me through anything....if they answer that is haha

This time of year I also think of what I have done and if I have been successful. I think we all compare ourselves to other people and wonder if we are at the point we should be at in our lives....whether it be in a job, with our family, or in our relationships. Today talking to one of my clients she reminded me of something. Life isnt a race. We have to appreciate what we have done, the things we have accomplished, and control what we can control instead of thinking of what we havent done. We all have gone through a lot to get to where we are and we wont succeed at everything or be the best at everything. There are those things that I have been successful with this year and I am thankful for those whether big or small. I just need to remind myself every now and then and this time of year is perfect for that.

Once again I am thankful for all of you and all you do for me whether you know it or not. I love you guys!!


Ginger and Taylor said...

What a cool post Michael! I agree with you on so much of what you said about our family. I love you too!

the Koch's said...

Did you actually write that yourself? I'm impressed. So heartfelt and serious. It almost sounds like you copied and pasted it from some magazine or something. JeJoknnnn. True though, 7 kids and 7 so different personalities. Really can't wait to hang out with you and everybody over the holidays. We'll be there for a little over a week so we'll have some good times.

Michael...Midol....Punky....Mido the Sugar Bear Punky....Twitcher....Cheetoh Eater said...

Yes I did write this. I am a goofball but living alone you do a lot of thinking ha ha.

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

Wow....I'm impressed! I almost wanted to copy and paste your words onto MY blog. ha ha.

Mike your awesome! What good thoughts to ponder. I needed to hear that!

Life isn't a race and things happen for a reason so we all just have to keep plugin through!

Keep up the good attitude!

Amy said...

So true...words of wisdom, Mikey. You do have the best family, and I love that everyone is so different, yet everyone can relate. We love you.

The Bush Family said...

What an awesome post!! I really enjoyed your thoughtfulness and insight :) made me think about my family and all the things I love about them, especially our differences! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

People do have the habit of comparing themselves to others to gauge their success. I stopped doing that when I realized that success is just a word and not a definition of who you are. What are your goals? Are you happy with who you are and what you have? If you can answer yes to those questions, then you are successful in accomplishing what you set out for, though we all should continue to strive for different things and never become content, it doesn't mean we can't appreciate the journey so far.

I hope that makes sense, I tend to ramble... LOL! Great post though Mike! Keep it up.

Ames Family said...

Mike that was so profound! Thanks for being you. I am so happy to be back in touch.

Rachel B. said...

Midol! Sorry I'm now just barely reading this. I haven't really been on top of blogging lately. This is a really cool post. I love you to death Sugar Bear and I'm so glad you're my little brother. I had fun hanging out with you last week and you made me laugh like crazy.

Llarrina (the feminine version of Llarri)