Friday, August 8, 2008

Houseboat in July with my buddies

Well another Houseboat outing with the boys was fun as always. I think right there I was trying to mess with Jon while he was sticking the waterskiis on, but I obviously had to jump back on so they wouldn't ditch me on the boat.
We searched and searched for a place to cliff jump and finally found this one which was pretty much perfect. I am the one sitting down up top, then Robby, and then Jon climbing up to make the leap.
It looks like I am standing on the rocks but little do you know that I am actually perfecting the pencil jump along side Jonny P
Here is Matt shoving me off of the boat going 70mph...I only broke a few bones but I recovered very quickly.
Well it is kind of a tradition to play cards and then whoever loses has to do a dare and for some reason I always lose but I had to do what they told me which was them picking 1 ingredient each out of the fridge and then mixing it into a cup and heating it up in the microwave. Robby chose a piece of cheese, Matt chose olive juice, and Jon chose caramel syrup. You can tell by my reaction how much I loved it.

Well that was the trip out to the houseboat and I had to cut out a few pictures to protect the innocent but it was fun out there. Ill be posting soon lets hope!


Momoo Sherie said...

Good job Michael! Hey where's the sliding down the slide in the buff? Your drink looks like some of the concoctions you guys used to make when we went out to dinner.

Amy said...

Hey Michael, this is Audrey, why do you always joke? I thought you really broke your bones and then my mom told me you didn't. P.S. Don't make dumb decisions.

Anonymous said...

You cannot have the name "Punky", that is one of MY nicknames! Therefore I revoke your privileges lol jk of course...

I didn't know you blogged, you've been holding out on me Mr. Koch.

Oh BTW I saw your dad on Sunday.