Friday, March 14, 2008

Arizona Trip

Well this is the 4th time I have attempted to do this blog and I think I finally figured out how to do all the pictures the right way. Anyway.....this is our, Robby and I, trip to Arizona. It was nice to get out of Vegas because I hadn't been out of Vegas since last June and it was due time for me to have a break.
Our trip started off exciting in the car as you can tell but of course quickly died down and we were ready to hit the sack right when we got there.
The first morning we had to hit up IHOP of course and it was great. I just love all the different syrups you get to have for your pancakes, but Robby.....
was stoked about the kids "Horton hears a Who" breakfast and he had to get it. It looked a little wierd if you ask me but tasted pretty good.
We found a place called Dave and Busters which is pretty much like an adult Chucky Cheese. I won 750 tickets with 20$ worth of tokens on this card and was able to pretty much get some candy and then I just gave the rest of the tickets to some kid.
Robby got lucky and won this huge 4 square ball. We looked for a 4 square court all over the city but only found a local elementary school yard and the kids there were no match for us.
We went to BJ's restaurant because it is one of the greatest places ever and they have this thing called the Pzookie...sorry if I spell it wrong...but it is great. They bring out a fresh baked cookie in a pizza pan sort of and it is topped with Ice Cream. My friend Aryn, from hair school, was able to come eat with us so I fixed up her hair before the photo op.

Robby, Me and Aryn just looking good at the table...I think Robby is the size of both of us.

Robby and I went to a Cubs vs. A's game and this is us in our Cubs clothes ready to enter the park.

Carlos Zambrano was the opening pitcher for the Cubs which was pretty cool because he was warming up right next to us. He is one of their top pitchers and he sure acted like it when people tried saying hi to him....pretty arrogant guy if you ask me.

Robby and I looking like studs in front of our seats on the right field line.

A foul ball was hit and it went to the people right behind us and I knew there was no way anyone was going to catch and it went into the aisle. So I decided to go after it!! I ran and tripped on the steps jamming my finger, scraping my knee and stealing the ball from an old man. I felt kind of bad for stealing the ball from an old man but he wouldn't shutup the entire game so he had it coming.

Look at my pinky from the ball incident

We were also able to go to a Phoenix Suns game and this was outside the stadium

I dont think I am quite tall enough for the NBA and I was on my tippy toes a little bit. 6'8" is the average height for the NBA....I think 6'0" is a little too short.

Our seats weren't terrible consider we were like the farthest up possible but you could still see pretty well....well that is if you aren't an old old man..:)

We had to end off our trip by having this girl beg us to take a picture with us...its hard when all these women want you. Ok we begged her for the picture.....I should have cropped Robby out of the picture..jk What would a Michael blog be without a picture with some random girl.

Well thanks for reading my first real blog with pictures and all.....the next ones wont be as long and will only get better as soon as I figure all this stuff out. Until next time.....


Shelley & Jake said...

I'm so excited to be the first one to comment on your blog. This is a historic moment. Looks like a fun trip, too bad we couldn't come along and bring the kids. ;) Oh, and what is that supposed to mean that Dave & Busters is an "adult" Chuck E. Cheese?

Tom & Rachel said...

Dangit! As I scrolled down I was hoping that I would be the first to comment. Punky Shelley! We have Dave & Busters here too. It's pretty good food, but always wreaks of cigarette smoke. What am I, mom? I'm glad you had a good trip, but even more glad that you have a blog!

Amy said...

Congrats on your first blog!! I'm sure you're already better at it than I am. Your poor pinky, punky!! Ha, ha, couldn't resist that one. Bradley has the same problem...a potentially deformed pinky awaits. At least you're done growing---less chance of that for you. Glad you had a fun trip. See you soon.

Ginger & Taylor said...

I'm so happy you have a blog now! Now I can put you on my official "list". It will be fun to see what you put on. You are always crazy. :)